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Post  pqTeSTpq on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:56 pm

1. major group heal has too low re-use...even balance life has better re-use that major group must be 1-2 sec faster...dont belive me...jsut test it by yourself

2. curse of doom from necro last i think 2-3 min? o.O ...its too damn much i ran 2 min from 2 archers+bp and doom still didnt quit...damn silence...and also lands 1/2 always...and necro gots 2 silences...then, silence+11 + doom = 100% 1

3. i think its from l2java but...u cant do smth about wall shooting?some buggers hide in textures and cant target them...and they are not archers to press "ESC" and at the 1st hit we got their target...they are mages...till i write his name dead...w8ing some opinions

4. armor crush from titan its bugged...normally it lowers the adversary p def(dmg taken) ONLY on the time he is i saw(by mistake) that the higher dmg from armor crush continue purging 2-3 sec after stun is gone...which is not normal...imagine...its not enought that 1 well equiped titan hits u in frenzy for 3k maybe idk? with armor crush succeeded even for 2-3 sec u get kinda 3.7-4k ....u die from 2-3crits depending on class..its the best way to counter the Cardinal...

5. archers lethal FVCK THE WORLD ....what the hell were u thinking when u set lethal land rate? on nothing?

6. celestial cast time = too damn should be casted instantly

7. on t-rex when he dies , sometimes , i get disconnect and i can loose drop if i dont log quick...check this...and see if its from me or its an texture overload when he dies...

8. hero dagger too big land rate...i ensure u its not retail like cose this day in PI all heroes bought dagger and in max 5 sec of hiting..silence..

9. medusa/stun/anchor/sleep/silence active skills from auguments have extremly high rate and extremly good cd....

10. if u need little balance u need to add in custom shop Frintezza necklace,like all normal servers,otherwise it would be in vane...all curses succeed...even on +0 stun,silence,fear,doom success with higher probability than normal...what the hell?need tezza asap at this update

if i find more i`ll be back with new things...


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