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Post  L][SkyInterlude on Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:28 pm

Forum rules

Forum isn't GREEK only. Please,avoid posting in Greek in english threads
Flaming isn't allowed.Your post will be removed asap
Advertising another forum/L2 server isn't allowed.Your post will be removed and you will be banned
Posting porn/gore isn't allowed
You should respect other members.
When you make a new topic only in Greek,please use [GR] in your title.
Please avoid double posting,especially when 24 hours didn't pass(referring to suggestion/shop boards mostly)
We can ban you any time, if you disobay these rules or other rules,followed by common sense.

In-Game rules

You should respect GMs. Nothing is tolerated
Any kind of advertisment IG is bannable.
Reporting a bug will result into getting an IG-reward, while using a bug is bannable
And anything else followed by common sense

Your account security is YOUR responsibility.
L2skyinterlude doesn't own any responsibility in it. Take care,and don't give your password to anyone.
GM's are NEVER gonna ask for your password(They already know it ^^)

Trading items is your own responsibility. We (IG/in forum) don't have any responsibility on this.
Ī¤rading In-Game items/chars for REAL MONEY,will lead to BANNING your account.Be careful.


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