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Post  pqTeSTpq on Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:11 am is a list with suggestion i'd say pretty good...its on ur choice if u add them or we go :

1. pk guards on RB areas (sailren+halisha+t-rex)...cose all lame heroes arround here pk newbies/solo players who come on rb....install order in there...make them not to risk loosing rb for 1 single kill...give a meaning of "killing a rb"

2. i'd say it would be better if u will add high grade LS (from farm2 mobs) in shop... 1LS = farm items...cose there is only 1 area with mobs that drop LS ,and there is pretty hard to farm without being disturbed cose all pk in there...with my suggestion even newbies with +5 can obtain those SL...u decide the price but...100-200 farm items for 1 HighGrade LS...still..on 15% u get kinda hard auguments..u see..its working slowly on voting the server..server doesnt have 200+ ppl to get reward after reward to buy instantly top LS...

3. archer stun succeeds too quickly...on +10 1/2 ...its not quite fair for mages...on mass pvp the cardinal stays only in stun ?o.O

4. add frintezza on server...all curses(active auguments,active skills,hero dagger silence,etc)succeeds too quick and got low least balance the cardinal adding tezza

5. mass banes from necro succeeds very quick(from 1st-2nd cast)..after each round we got to rebuff....

6. halisha and sailren got different drop....and sailren dies far more harder than halisha....add same drop as halish to raid boss sailren...ppl make pk/pvp only to halisha...they are not interested about sailren anymore...then why its added on rb areas? make the drop from rb's like this : vote coins +hero coins+clan items+farm items+LS ...and the drop from t-rex unchanged...only to this 2 important bosses

7. expand inventory...for exmple i got lots of auguments that i must wear on me and with all that wepons+other things in inventory i make 56/80....if i wanna farm for high-grade ls...i farm 20 then town to augument?then again 20->town augument? common...make inventory 200 max we can farm lot and feel that we are augumenting...nto like that

8. make cat/seraphim buffs from buffer lvl 13....we get them lvl 13 only if we get "Robe/light/heavy" scheme...and in that scheme we get zerk too...maybe i dont want zerk on my char...if i make character buffer i get cat/seraphim buff only lvl 8 and its worst than lvl 13...i tested...u get lower p atk/crt rate and power/re-use....u can test if u want...thats why we need to get individual buff lvl 13... ...on "special" in buffer...also WM its lvl 1 in npc buffer,and body of avatar works only 19min,just like OL berserk......instead of 2h both

9. i got p def active and gives me 500-600p def...i tested smth....lets say only with p def active i was hited by an archer for 1.2k...when i gave prayer active and the same archer hited me i saw at +500-600 p def the difference of dmg its only for cant be...with a p def passive i would make almost 5k...only with active i have kinda 4.5k ...and...only 200dmg difference?


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